As a part of its corporate policy, Arolen only offers solutions that are classified by specialized publications (InfoWorld, SC- Magazine, etc) and by independent analysts (Gartner Group, Frost and Sullivan, Tolly Group, etc) as the best of its kind.

Informatics security

VPN SSL Aventail Sonicwall (Secure access)

This a physical device generally installed on the DMZ (demilitarized zone) so users can access from external sites in a secure manner to the applications or work files. Location of the users does not matter; the only necessary things are internet access and a PC.

Access attained by users is encrypted, so no one not supposed to have access to the information will be able to obtain it and/or modify it.


UTM Firewall Sonicwall

SonicWALL high performance firewall devices integrate without trouble with intrusion prevention, protection against malware threats, intelligence, control and applications visualization, with IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, wireless controllers and many other characteristics, offering complete protection and the highest performance in implementations of any size, from large companies to little and middle size ones.

Implementing SonicWALL firewalls as a last generation firewall solution, these are closely integrated with Reassembly-free Deep Packet Inspection™ to offer superior intrusion prevention, protection against malware threats, as well as intelligence, control and applications visualization and the inspection of encrypted SSL sessions. Last generation SonicWALL Firewall, key for a highly adaptable and intelligent secure system, tests every byte of every package in search of the deepest level of protection, and unlike other competitors, increases in massive way in order to extend complete security to growing company networks.


McAfee Web Gateway.

McAfee Web Gateway, the number one anti malware solution for Web 2.0 threats, analyzes the nature and purpose of the whole content and codes entering the network via web pages, offering immediate protection against malware and other hidden threats. Unmatched protection against threats: based on layer security combining local protection and that distributed over the network, you can rest assured that with McAfee Gateway Anti-malware Engine you will have an automatic anti-malware protection and McAfee information updated to the minute over worldwide reputation to stop threats from day zero, spyware and attacks with specific objectives (without a signature) before they can enter your network. The granular control stops the threats, like an infected iframe, allowing access to the rest of the web site in the meantime. McAfee combines this local and in real time intention analysis with an exhaustive antivirus protection from McAfee to block known viruses, bringing a complete coverage to the companies to obtain optimum performance.


McAfee Email Gateway.

McAfee Email Gateway consolidates protection against incoming threats, prevents losing out going data, encrypted, advanced compliance and managing in one easy to install device. Email Gateway is an integral security solution for e-mail. It eliminates poorly effective defenses acting separately, simplifies security surroundings from several providers and reduces operational costs, and at the same time strengthens security significantly.


McAfee Vulnerability Manager

McAfee Vulnerability Manager offers fast, precise and complete information of the vulnerabilities of all your assets in the network. The Vulnerability Manager Solution, easy to implement, scales immediately to adapt itself to networks from hundreds to millions of nodes.

Audit and remediation by priority: combines vulnerability information, gravity and importance of the assets to be identified, evaluate and quickly confront the infractions and vulnerabilities of the systems and devices in the network. Automatically rates the potential risk of new threats correlating events with its vulnerabilities and assets data.


McAfee UTM Firewall.

With the increase in the quantity of network based applications and the vertiginous growth of threats, traditional firewalls are inadequately protecting your network data. McAfee Firewall Enterprise is a next generation firewall that restores control and protection to your network. Discover, control, visualize and protect your users, infrastructure and network applications.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise offers application and protection control levels without precedent against threats. The advanced capabilities, such as application visualization, global intelligence based on the reputation, automatic threats data supply, encrypted traffic inspection, intruders prevention, antivirus and content filter, block the attack before it actually happens.


Final point Security Suites

Get an integral defense against current advanced threats. With the first and only industry solution in terminal security points, standardization fulfillment and access control.

Individual Endpoint products from McAfee stop and eliminate in a proactive way a large spectrum of malicious software programs through antivirus, firewalls and intruder prevention technologies industry leaders. Easily manage Endpoint Security with ePolicy Orchestrator platform from McAfee, the web based console that centralizes and optimizes security management.


Imprivata (centralized authentication)

In today´s companies, users have many accesses to applications and network resources requiring a password due to security. The users may leave passwords unchanged, increasing the security risk, or they may write them on paper and other media in case they forget them.

Imprivata manages all these applications (Web, JAVA client/server, properties or free development) according to the users' profile, in such a way that the user should only know the one password that gives him/her network access and this is the only one he/she has to memorize.


CDP (Protection, back up and data retrieval)

When an informatics disaster occurs, the most important thing for a company in order not to go bankrupt is its prompt recovery from the disaster.

That is why well done backups play such an important role. It is not enough to have back up policies; it is also necessary to have devices such as CDP in order for them to be reliable, updated and secure. All this is made on-line and it is transparent to the final user. It surpasses the NTBackup software functionality amongst others.


Solarwinds TriGeo (Centralized managing of network events)

Nowadays every machine or device a company acquires generates an amount of information known in the informatics world as "logs".

Unfortunately due to the amount generated and its difficult interpretation it is only used in cases where there is already a latent problem. Currently the tools employed by most companies are used for forensic analysis after an incident that has compromised the company's security.

TriGeo collects this information, analyses it and informs about a possible network threat, and can also carry out a specific action to confront a possible attack; with this, the company´s security will not be compromised due to lack of interpretation from this immense amount of logs.



Infoblox (Network Services)

Although a user and/or company does not notice, its transactions, operations or the day´s work depend 80% on the network being available all the time, sending e-mails to clients, scheduling appointments, updating data bases, updating accounting resources, billing, etc. Because of this, a machine dedicated to delivering minimum network services is necessary.


Riverbed (Applications accelerator and WAN optimization)

One of the most common company problems is the slow speed of some applications. Companies invest time and money in solutions that do not solve this problem; generally these actions are:

• Bandwidth increase.
• Server change.
• Applications reorganization.
• Qos in Firewall
• Etc…

RiverBed is not another device making a cache or packages compression; RiverBed optimizes the TCP/IP protocol, converting it into a powerful tool that optimizes the network performance (WAN).



Extreme Networks

The switching Core and Edge products, with open solutions architecture, offer an advanced level of knowledge and an unprecedented control allowing for available and secure connectivity.

• Voice, video and data management products.
• EAPs system, with double operating system support, for availability redundancy.
• Unique operating system for all devices series.
• Simple implementation, permanent connectivity and security.
• Ideal for DataCenter environments for increasable configuration, efficient and automated in order to decrease the amount of repetitive tasks.