National Registrar Shields Worked November 4th, 2011
The shield used yesterday at the National Registrar´s web page blocked more than 400 million malicious access traffic attempts. BOGOTA. In spite of the cyber-attack attempts carried out yesterday against the National Registrar web page, the shield adopted by the organization to protect its information and data showed to be a success. On Sunday October 30th,, between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. , the web site received 35´618,582 visits, in addition more than 400 million blocked accesses were registered, corresponding to malicious traffic, and more than 2.000 IP addresses were blocked.

National Registrar received 400 million informatics attacks during elections November 11, 2011
The National Civil Registrar, Carlos Ariel Sanchez, stated on Monday that during last Sunday´s electoral journey there were 400 million malicious attacks to the Registrar´s web page.

Nevertheless, Sanchez clarified that all malicious visits were blocked and by the same token more than 2.000 IP addresses were prevented from accessing.

National Registrar confirmed cyber attack attempts during the electoral journey October 31st, 2011
According to the organization it was necessary to block 400 million accesses to its web page, corresponding to malicious traffic coming from more than 2.000 IP addresses, the attack attempts came from Colombia and eight more countries.

In order to prevent attacks, National Registrar´s web page will be in servers in the US. October 4th,2011
The National Civil Registrar will place its web page in servers in the US with the propose of preventing cyber attacks for the October 30th elections. The statement was made to Caracol Radio by the National Registrar Informatics Manager, Javier Rincon Osorio when he indicated that the page will be protected with servers located in Miami and Virginia.

Cyber attack against National Registrar´s web page avoided

RCN La Radio October 31st, 2011
More than 400 million of accesses to the Registry page were blocked by authorities, due to them being "malicious or dangerous traffic". The Registrar Carlos Ariel Sanchez declared that in these controls, there were also more than 2000 IP addresses blocked and cyber attacks from Colombia and eight more countries around the world were stopped.

National Civil Registrar web page is shielded facing the elections October 26th, 2011
As a security means to prevent informatics attacks the National Registry is advancing in the migration of its web page to servers located in the United States, where the web site will be lodged until the end of the electoral process next October the 30th.

SonicWall Names Partner of the Year Award Winners

SMART GRID - Oct. 19 de 2011
EMEA France MSP Partner of the Year: Oceanet Technology Saudi Arabia Gold Partner of the Year: ICC Solutions Germany MVP Partner of the Year: Data-Sec Latin America Mexico Innovation Partner of the Year: Dominion MexicoInnovation Partner of the Year: 4IP Chile MSP of the Year: Soluciones Orion Colombia Innovation Partner of the Year: Arolen S.A.

SonicWALL Announces Partner of the Year Award Winners - SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --
SonicWALL, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent network security and data protection solutions, today announced the winners of the 2011 SonicWALL Partner of the Year Awards. The annual awards honor SonicWALL partners for delivering innovative solutions and outstanding performance that directly addressed customer challenges during the past year. Award winners were recognized at SonicWALL Peak Performance 2011, a premier event within the networking security industry where SonicWALL gathered over 400 of its worldwide partners together with customers, industry analysts and executives to exchange ideas, attend educational breakout sessions and form new business relationships.

The award winners were selected from a group of exemplary partners based on their commitment to customers and excellent use of SonicWALL solutions and services.

Latin America Mexico Innovation Partner of the Year:
Mexico Innovation Partner of the Year: 4IP
Chile MSP of the Year: Soluciones Orion <
Colombia Innovation Partner of the Year: Arolen S.A.
Brazil MSP of the Year: Energy Telecom
Solution Provider of the Year: MTel