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Arolen S.A.

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General Information

Arolen is a distributor of highly specialized solutions, grouped into three corporate business units: Technology Integration, Tactical Systems and Green Energy, which share the common vision of supplying secure, innovative, useful and reliable products and services, to different kinds of users with the best cost-benefit relation in the whole market. Arolen S.A. is a commercial company with headquarters in Colombia (South America) and is a direct subsidiary of Arolen Corp in the United States.


Arolen´s beginnings date back to the early 90s, when Polycom S.A. was incorporated in Colombia. It was the first company to introduce data encryption systems (digital ciphering) in the main markets in Latin America, basic technology for a worldwide development of the sophisticated knowledge area of informatics security, as we know it today.

By the end of the 90s there were already installed in different countries more than 1,000 data encryptors supplied by Polycom (a worldwide record for those times), a reason why Polycorp – Polycom´s international shareholder – decided to create a new company originally called Comco and later Comco-SDS, with the exclusive objective of integrating solutions in informatics security.

By 2004 Comco-SDS was split in SDS and Arolen, the current company. In due time and tending to specific requirements from clients, especially from the government, Arolen incorporates to its portfolio new technologies, a situation that leads to the creation of the Tactical Systems and Green Energy divisions.

These new divisions along with the Technologies Integration division (now not exclusively in information security but also in computer science and communications), were formally converted into three independent business units in 2011, related to one another only through sharing managing/financial, legal and marketing services at a corporate level.

The financial health that the company has had since being incorporated, the interesting solutions offer, in addition to well trained human resources and a carefully elaborated professional services portfolio, has allowed Arolen to provide a winning combination of "turn-key" solutions that satisfy the more diverse needs of any kind or size of client.

Arolen has reached the highest category as a provider with the best manufacturers, allowing for quick results and an effective delivery of solutions of the highest quality, a proven success guarantee for the different projects being developed in its three business units.

Corporate Message

We are proud of presenting a group of fast growing business units, joined together under one name: Arolen. Our diversity of activities is the capitalization of opportunities in different markets that require daily really innovative solutions so organizations may reach their goals in an effective, practical and economical way.

Behind each corporate unit there are dreams from our employees, business partners and shareholders, who have conceived possibilities never before imagined. So our duty as a company is to make those dreams become a reality for the benefit of all our clients, who have trusted us to provide for them security and stability in different knowledge fields, so they can concentrate in their strategic business whatever it is.

Corporate Structure

Through more than 20 years of company development and the considerable market expertise accumulated by Arolen´s executives, shareholders, employees and collaborators, the company has reached a modern and dynamic corporate structure, to the benefit of its clients and end users.

Ethics and Good Practices Code

Arolen and its three business units are bound by an ethics and good practices conduct code, that has been corporately adopted by conviction, not by imposition. This company philosophy developed by suppliers, employees, collaborators, shareholders, and managers, has contributed to build an excellent company reputation as a serious supplier, responsible and transparent in all its business deals and commercial practices, as much as the integral attention (managerial, financial, technical, logistic, support, etc.) to its clients and end users.

In addition to this, Arolen is a member of TRACE International, one of the most important organizations worldwide promoting commercial practices free of bribes.

Social Responsibility

With the firm conviction that commercial activity without social benefit does not contribute to leaving a legacy that transcends trough time, Arolen has created a social responsibility corporate group in charge of designing plans, policies and programs oriented to develop sustainable projects for third party benefit, especially for vulnerable and needy population.

Under this corporate policy, Arolen is promoting, financing and supporting the creation of “House-in-a-Box”, an organization without profit intention with the objective of turning load containers into multifunctional homes. The main idea is to design and build family houses where poor people can live with dignity.

Environmental responsibility

At Arolen we are conscious that independent of the commercial activity we carry out, we must have a corporate responsibility to preserve the environment. As a consequence, we have developed our own Environmental Commitment Code, which we are proud to share with our clients, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders and friends, with the firm purpose of contributing with a legacy of hope and gratefulness to our planet, in the benefit of ourselves and future generations.

Graphic Image

Arolen´s graphic image and those of its three business units have not been picked up randomly. On the contrary: they are closely related to the corporate philosophy, visually expressed and obtained thanks to the work of different company executives with a group of specialized people in publicity, design and social communication.

As a corporate bond, all logos share some colors and a common calligraphy (exclusively designed and Arolen´s property) that transmit simplicity, transparency, dynamism, balance and confidence.

Real Technology for Real People

The logo symbol is the letter "o" with a person icon inside in a dynamic position, representing the people for whom Arolen develops, integrates and provides technology: today´s people, people on the move. Whatever the vertical industry is where the users are developing their activities, the main objective will always be the people.

Solutions in perfect balance

The logo symbol is a gyroscope inside the letter "o", which is the universal icon accepted for balance. Conectics knows the delicate balance between investment and real benefits, which leads the business unit to develop solutions with the best cost-benefit relation in the market.

When a legacy is important

The logo symbol is a graphic piece that took more than a year to design; in its exterior a medieval warrior helmet, and in the interior the silhouette of a rose. This elements combination is Certerian´s essence and its solutions portfolio, mostly dedicated to protect the soldiers, aviators, sailors, marines, policemen and members of aid organizations who care for the legacy of well-being, tranquility and security.

A cleaner world is a more secure world

The logo symbol is a little bird that brings to mind the large quantity of birds living in ample vegetation areas, clear water and pure air, basic characteristics that guarantee the survival of future generations, which can only be maintained through the production of green energy and clean energy.