Arolen Business Unit
Av. calle 82 No. 10-33 Piso 4
Bogotá, Colombia
Tel. +571 236 2966
Fax. +571 621 8434
E-mail: info@certerian.com

Tactical Systems Unit

General Information

Certerian is Arolen´s business unit dedicated to the integration and distribution of products and services in tactical systems, especially ISR solutions (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and non-lethal technologies for civilian, military and police applications.

This unit also offers sophisticated systems originally built for the military, with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses, as well as agencies in charge of risk prevention or aid in cases of natural disasters.

Certer Labs

At Arolen Corp installations in Miami (USA), Certerian has a modern lab for the purpose of designing, developing, integrating and manufacturing operational and support equipment prototypes for ISR type missions. The assembly process and production of finished products is made by third-party companies specialized in electronic equipment manufacturing located in other countries, mainly in Taiwan, Mexico and Colombia; the quality control and final acceptance are made directly by Certer Labs.

The brands developed by Certer Labs are Astercam, Black Owl and Covert Tech. They all offer different equipment models.