At Arolen Corp installations in Miami (USA), Certerian has a modern lab for the purpose of designing, developing, integrating and manufacturing operational and support equipment prototypes for ISR type missions. The assembly process and production of finished products is made by third-party companies specialized in electronic equipment manufacturing located in other countries, mainly in Taiwan, Mexico and Colombia; the quality control and final acceptance are made directly by Certer Labs.

The brands developed by Certer Labs are Astercam, Black Owl and Covert Tech. They all offer different equipment models.

Mission Recording Devices

These are audio and video recording devices for ongoing field operations, designed according to military specifications in order to work under the most demanding environmental conditions; they can be submerged in water for short periods of time. These are indispensable tools in critical events and missions record keeping.


Undercover equipment

Covert-Tech is Arolen´s own brand that includes a wide range of microphones, video cameras, A/V recorders, covert wireless transmitters and receivers to be hidden in virtually any common use element to support intelligence operations.

Covert-Tech offers any of these devices camouflaged in watches, books, suitcases, radios, jackets, hats, portfolios, speakers, etc., and their final design/assembly is adjusted to fit the specifications of each particular user.